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The Secrets to Connection in Business & Life

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No matter what industry or what stage of life you are in...
Discovering how to develop true connection with others
and yourself will uncover a prosperous life.

Relationships rule the world. 

Connection has the power to build corporations, the power to create movements,
the power to build loving relationships, and the power to create a harmonious world. 

Let's learn to genuinely connect.

The Connection Challenge

Amy advocates worldwide on the power of connection in business, personal lifestyle and intimacy.

As a keynote speaker and consultant you can expect to work with Amy on various elements to build trust and instant connection with your customers, team, social and intimate relationships to improve your business and social life.  
Speaker and Workshop Topics

Build Communities

How do you create avid followers? Want to know how to form a community of people who praise your brand and your message for you?

Finding you

Do you know there is something greater out there for you? Are you curious to find out how to live a purposeful life? Or find out what your purpose is?

Network vs Connect

How do you build deeper business connections in your network and create a support system from a genuine space. How do you create the right support system which will take your business to where it needs to be? 


Do you struggle to balance your busy life  and maintain the fire and intimatcy in your relationship? With 3 businesses between Amy & her partner she understands the secrets to keeping relationships alive, playful and exciiting.

The Power of Energy

What are the secrets to have sustained energy to get more done? Discover the secrets to be in a ststae of energy which attracts the right team, the right clients and the right people into your life. 

Follow your Butterflies

Amy's journey from living a content life to following her fears and taking action to turn an idea into reality. 


Connection Advocate | Keynote Speaker | Business Woman

A visionary and passionate action-taker Amy is a driving force to create greater connection wihin business and communities.

The vibrant and charasmatic CEO of Secrets in the Garden, Amy is driving a new way of doing business, a ‘holistic way to business’, where Collaboration and Wellness are at the core. Inspiring women around the world to confidently step into a ife which is led from their hearts.

Having worked in the Events Industry for over 10 years, with prominent brands such as Audi the Hyatt as well as key figures such as medal Olympians, members of the Royal Family and past Prime Minister Julia Guillard, Amy loves the high paced creative environment.

Being born in the heart of Australia, in Alice Springs, and having travelled to over 20 countries, she has connected and engaged with individuals in various cross-cultural experiences over the world. Noticing the commonality that binds us all together and that connection is what she wants to share and ignite within individuals, to have a better experience of life itself.

Secrets in the Garden

Secrets Organic Box

Founder and CEO 
Secrets in the Garden is a female led project which runs business programs and festivals to support women in taking their life to a new level. Secrets in the Garden is focused on providing a platform to give 1,000,000 women the opportunity to have a voice. The nostalgic and nurturing annual festival is a reminder for women to put themselves first, to discover secrets to success in all areas of life while taking time out to play and relax.
Amy founded the event to create a community of women to connect and support each other on their journeys.

Co-Founder and Director 
An organic subscription box model founded in 2015, Secrets Organic Box ships all organic beauty food and home products across Australia and New Zealand to passionate wellness seekers looking for the best organic and toxic-free products for themselves and their family. The business vision is to one day see a world where products are no longer labelled organic, they just simply are.
  1. Amy Radunz & Oprah
    Amy Radunz & Oprah
    December 2015
  2. Lola Berry & Amy Radunz
    Lola Berry & Amy Radunz
    April 2016
  3. Amy Radunz
    Amy Radunz
    February 2016
    Westfield's Secrets in the Garden media launch
  4. Michelle Bridges & Amy Radunz
    Michelle Bridges & Amy Radunz
    April 2016
    Secrets in the Garden Festival 2016
  5. Amy Radunz & Jeffrey Slayter
    Amy Radunz & Jeffrey Slayter
    April 2015
    Secrets in the Garden Festival 2015
  6. Amy Radunz
    Amy Radunz
    April 2016
    Romance & Business
  7. Megan Quinn, Hon Lisa Scaffidi, Amy Radunz & Ita Buttrose
    Megan Quinn, Hon Lisa Scaffidi, Amy Radunz & Ita Buttrose
    2015 Secrets in the Garden
  8. Amy Radunz
    Amy Radunz
    May 2016
    Holistic Success to business 2016
  9. Amy Radunz
    Amy Radunz
    Face your fears
  10. Secrets in the Garden Directors
    Secrets in the Garden Directors
    December 2015
    Amy Radunz, Tenille Bentley, Bexx Boyd, Marnie LeFevre
  11. Title 12
    Title 12
  12. Title 13
    Title 13

The Connection Story

The Secrets to Connection in Business | Love | Life

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Connection will break down barriers 
of race, religion, gender and culture
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